Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taxi Ride

Hello everyone. It’s Danny here.
If you have a large dog you naturally have a car which has enough space for your dog, right?


We don’t have a car. So we use a taxi when Andy needs a ride. A regular people taxi.


We book a taxi several hours before hand. I make a call to the taxi company we usually use and ask them "Can I have a pet friendly taxi at ** o’clock?" The company already has our information in their computer so the operator replies "You are with a German Shepherd. OK. The taxi will be there at **o’clock"
When the taxi is approaching our place they notify us by calling. Andy somehow knows the call is from the taxi company and it makes him so excited. Yes, he loves car rides. His tail goes back and forth, and he almost pulls Usagi over trying to run outside of the apartment to the waiting car.


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When the taxi arrives, I set up Andy’s car seat cover. His seat cover is always very popular amongst taxi drivers. I am often told that "there are not many dogs who use this kind of cover. Where did you get it?" Once a taxi driver told me that "I have had a dog passenger who had just been playing in water and got into the taxi with muddy paws!"


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When Andy goes for a taxi ride, the destination is usually one of these three.
● Grooming Shop ●Animal Hospital ●Dog hotel or Day care.
I'll tell you where we went in the next post.

●グルーマー ●動物病院 ●ドッグホテル/デイケア

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Andy occasionally takes a taxi which accommodates a wheel chair.