Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She's Back!

Hello everyone. Usagi here.


I came back from Tokyo. As soon as I opened the front door I got Andy’s enthusiastic welcome back greeting. He wagged his tale so energetically back and forth I thought it would fly off, so I immediately took him for a walk. When we got back I gave him some souvenirs (such as banana waffles & rice crackers for dogs), but then I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep because of jet lag. During the next day I napped again, almost for the whole day. Andy, who loves having a nap, accompanied me but Danny took a picture of me sleeping with a terrible face.


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Where is Usagi?

Hello everyone. It’s Danny here.


Andy has been feeling blue since Usagi left.


During the first 2 days she's been gone, Andy didn't sleep in his bed at night. Instead he was lying down by the front door waiting for her to come back. From the 3rd day he gave up waiting by the door but he often checks the bedroom and bathroom in case she came back while he was taking a nap.


Because he is feeling down, I give more treats and play with him more than usual but it seems that I’m not enough for him... Usagi~~ we wish you’d come home soon~.


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Going somewhere?

Hello everyone. It’s Usagi here.


Actually, I’m going to Tokyo tomorrow. I bought some maple syrup and maple cookies and other stuff to take as souvenirs. When I got home today I started to put things into my suitcase. Then, as usual, Andy’s “Hey…are you going somewhere?” started.


While I was putting things into my luggage, he stuck by my suite case and didn’t move. He sometimes looked at me with his face looking all worried about something.


But his behavior is better than before. The first time I was preparing for a trip after we got Andy, he was walking around my suitcase whimpering. Now, he's like “I still don’t like her going but at least she’ll be back so I'll try to bare with it”


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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eating pumpkin

Hello everyone. It’s Danny here.


Recently, Andy had a diarrhea again. He is healthy but he has a sensitive stomach and sometimes gets diarrhea quite easily. The cause can be eating a mountain of treats at a friends’ house or eating a beetle he found on the balcony…


We don’t have a yard so when Andy has diarrhea, the number of “poop breaks” he takes increases. When he gets the “Oh no. It’s coming~~”, he goes to Usagi to appeal desperately. He feels better after a walk but after a few hours he starts to feel “a second wave” and then “a third wave”. Once he gets outside he doesn't poop immediately. He runs desperately to one of his “poop spots”to do his business. He could poop anywhere outside but he has definite poop spots he has to use.


When he has diarrhea, he can’t eat any treats or regular food. Instead he is given canned pumpkin which is his favorite for breakfast & supper. When he had a diarrhea first time, his vet and trainer both told us about this remedy, and it actually works (we don’t know if this works for all dogs). It’s already been 3 years since I've been buying canned pumpkin at a store across the road whenever Andy has diarrhea. When I bought some canned pumpkin the other day, a lady at the cashier said “You really love making a pumpkin pie!”


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Canned pumpkin is usually used for making pumpkin pie so it is found in the baking and confectionery section.