Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween is coming

Hi everyone. It’s Danny here.


The horror week for Andy is beginning again. Yes, it’s Halloween and he doesn’t like fireworks.


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If you are visiting this site from Japan, you would be surprise to know that in Canada we can only use fireworks at home on particular days decided by law (Another thing to know is that fireworks for home use here are bigger and louder compared to those sold in Japan). The town we live in has a regulation which says we can enjoy fireworks at home only during the Halloween season. So now we can see lots of stores with huge “FIREWORKS” signs around town.


Halloween is still a week away but people are already setting off fireworks, and the noise makes Andy very anxious. Just one “Bang” will have Andy on his feet and running to Usagi. Then, he just follows Usagi around wherever she goes. When he hears 2 or 3 fireworks he hides under the table where Usagi is working and refuses to go for a walk with me. (though he always refuses to go for a walk with me anyway)


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Our friends, who have a dog, actually leave town for Halloween every year as their dog gets really nervous. We may do this next year.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

What's a SPA?

Hello everyone. It’s Usagi here. Let me finish the rest of the story from the other day.


The taxi stopped very closed to the Vets, so it seemed Andy thought “Do I have to go the VET again?”


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But the place we were heading today was not the vets but a grooming shop we were using for the first time. Andy usually uses a grooming shop belonging to the animal shelter where Andy came from but it was fully booked today, so we decided to use this shop today. The reason we choose it was we just happened to have a discount voucher…Though Danny would like to emphasize that “according the voucher the shop is not just an ordinary grooming shop. It’s a Dog Spa. SPA!”


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In the grooming shop, there were some dogs who had just finished their grooming, and, as here it is a “spa” some of them had really unique hairstyles. Looking at a poodle with lots of pom-poms on her head, Danny told the groomer “Ah..just an ordinary style will be fine for Andy”


It seemed a full grooming here takes 3 hours, which includes bath (it is called a “Hydro massage” here), hair cut, blow dry and nail clipping. In addition to that, this SPA has a “Blueberry Facial Scrub”


Andy became really clean and beautiful. The Scrub made his face silky smooth. Even his paws, which were like rocks, became soft.


I wanted to have a facial treatment and have my rock solid heels treated at the spa.


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This spa also has a “Spa Lounge” where dogs can play with other dogs after grooming.


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