Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Stalker

Hi everyone. Danny here.
皆さんこんにちは。Danny です。

As you may know Andy is a "Mummy's boy" . He loves to be with Usagi.
Sometimes it is too much for Usagi as he is more like a stalker.
When Usagi is takes a shower, he often waits for her just outside of the bathroom door
which surprises Usagi when she opens the door.

もう皆さんご存じと思いますが、Andy は「ママっ子」です。Andy はUsagiと一緒にいるのが大好き。
Usagiがシャワーを浴びているときなど、浴室のドアに寄り添うようにしてUsagi を待っていて、ドアを開けたUsagiに驚かれることもしょっちゅう。

He sometimes tries to open the door by pushing with his nose
so the door now has lots of his nose prints.

ドアにはAndy の鼻跡がたくさんついています。