Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Present for Andy

Danny here,

This Christmas, Andy got one of his favorite toys. The “squeaking Toast” with the strange face. Andy is so happy biting the toast and he shakes it madly. When he is playing with it, Usagi or I need to keep an eye on him otherwise he tears into it and within minutes eats the cotton inside of it.


とってもヘンな顔の「特大トースト」。くわえると「キューキュー」と鳴きま す。Andyはくわえたトーストをブンブン振り回して、超ゴキゲン。ただ、ほおっておくと10分もしないうちにトーストを引きちぎって中のコットンを食べ てしまうので、このおもちゃで遊ぶ時は、必ず私かUsagiが一緒です。

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It’s only been 3 days since we gave him this toast and already he's destroyed the squeaker part so the toast is now just like a cushion. Still, Andy loves his toast. After he plays with it, he holds it with his front paws and naps with it.


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Saturday, December 25, 2010

It was the night before Christmas

Hello everyone. It’s Usagi here.


Before dawn, I heard that Andy was walking in the living room. I thought he needed some water, but what I heard was him rustling paper, instead of drinking water. I had a suspicious feeling and checked what he was doing. I found Andy poking the Christmas presents under the tree. When I said “Oi!” he looked at me with a kind of a guilty face and quietly went back to his bed. I wonder if even dogs wonder what those presents are.

夜明け前に、Andyがリビングに歩いて行く足音がしたので、水でも飲んでいるのだろうと思ったら、「ペチャペチャ」と水を飲む音の代わりに、カサカサと 紙を触るような音が。変だなと思い、そっとリビングを覗いてみると、Andyがクリスマスツリーの下に積んであるプレゼントを鼻でつついるところでした。 「おい」と声をかけると、「…ごめん」という顔をして、こそこそと自分のベッドへもどって行きました。犬でもプレゼントが気になるのでしょうか。。。

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