Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ice Hockey?



Hey everyone. Danny here.

It seems anyone in our city is talking about ice hockey. That’s because the our local team has made it too the finals. You'd think the Olympics were happening, there's so much excitement. There are even some stores with signs up saying “We close at 5 due to the match”
To win the finals the team will have to win 4 out of a series of 7 matches. Tonight was the first match and our Team won!


Then, just after the live coverage of the match on TV had finished, people around our place celebrated by setting off fireworks. As you may remember Andy really doesn’t like the sound of fireworks. As soon as he heard the first explosions “Bang! Bang!” he rushed to Usagi’s work table.

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However, Usagi’s table is close to the balcony where those noise was coming from so he decided to come to my work area which happens to be the area furthest from the balcony and hid under my desk.

Andy is always following Usagi and usually doesn't pay me much attention but he looks like MY dog when fireworks are around.

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